Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal Paper Rolls
  • Why use thermal paper?
Thermal printing produces an image much faster than regular paper. Thermal printing heads produce images in milliseconds, which results in more lines per second, and the images dry instantly. This increased speed, enables faster printing of receipts for customers, saving them valuable time waiting in line.
  • What is thermal paper made from?
The thermal paper starts as a typical “base paper” made of wood pulp. The paper is then primed with a chemical known as the precoat. The precoat fills any pores or spaces between the fibers of the paper. The precoat assures that the printing surface is smooth and even.
  • What makes thermal paper different?
Another key difference is that thermal paper is usually coated with a chemical that reacts to heat, which makes it sensitive to light and heat. This means thermal paper can fade or darken over time if it is exposed to sunlight and heat, while normal paper is not as sensitive and can last longer.